So what are they?

Think of them as hairline enhancing extensions or protective hair extensions for your hairline. 

A Frontal typically measures 13'’ wide (from ear to ear) and 4'’ deep (from the front of the hairline to the middle of the head). It's basically the front half of a wig. 

A Closure usually measures 5’’x5’’ (sizes differ), temple-to-temple, making it smaller in width. The base of the frontal and closure, which is made from fine lace, mimics the scalp. Each hair strand is expertly hand-tied into the lace, you’d think it’s real hair growing out of the scalp.

Frontals and Closures are often referred to as Lace fronts as the extra lace usually sits in the front of the hairline. This extra lace at the front is cut off on application. 

How are they applied?

Frontals, like closures, can be sewn into your hair like a weave (an application technique applied by braiding your natural hair and sewing the weft extensions onto your braids). Before sewing on the lace front, the hair underneath should be braided or laid flat for a natural looking finish. The lace front goes over your hairline and weft extensions are sewn in around the rest of your head to complete the application, making it indistinguishable from your own hair.

Frontals and closures are also commonly used for making wigs. The demand for wigs is at its all time high because of easy to apply and remove and the ability to apply without a salon visit. It’s a hugely popular hair accessory among celebrities and actresses, who change their hairstyles often.

Who can use frontals and closures?

They can be worn by just about anyone who wants to keep people on their toes by changing their look often, protect their hairline and for get a protective solution to hair loss or a thinning hairline. 

Hair loss is a genuine concern for many people and lace frontals and closures offer a reliable, comfortable and stylish option to enhance and boost self-confidence by protecting your hair and giving you stunning results. 

The frontals and closures are very versatile; you can style and colour the hair as you would your real hair. What’s best, your natural hair is protected under it. It is an ideal way to experiment with colours and styles without having to damage your own hair!

What are bleached knots?

When a frontal or closure is made using dark coloured hair, you might see a little black dot where the hair had been tied into the lace. You may choose to have these tiny dots ‘bleached,’ in order to lighten them, make the lace look less net-like and blend better with the scalp.

Bleaching the knots should be done professionally as it can reduce the lifespan of the frontal and closure by weakening the bond of the hair strand on the lace. 

What is a customised hairline?

When frontals or closures have a dense hairline, you may want it less dense for a more natural-looking finish. The density can be reduced by plucking the hairline (using eyebrow tweezers) to remove some hair strands and make the hairline look less like a wig. 

Hairline customisation should be done according to the natural head shape of the person wearing the lace front, as everyone has different hairline patterns. 


What is tinting the lace?

Lace fronts are available in a variety of shades to match various skin tones. Lace tinting makes the lace mimic the scalp, matching the lace colour to your skin tone, ensuring the lace is indistinguishable from the person’s real skin/scalp. 

The great part about being able to tint the lace is that you can tint it to match your exact skin colour. The tinting is typically done with semi-permanent hair dye and each tint usually lasts 2 to 3 washes. 

Why are frontals more expensive?

Each frontal takes 7 days to make, compared to the 5 days needed to make a closure. The process requires experienced craftsmanship to produce a perfect finish and a long-lasting, shed-resistant product. 

The frontal contains more hair and lace and offers you more styling options than a closure, due to its shape and size, making it highly popular thanks to its versatility. 

So, which is best for me?

Frontals cover your entire hairline, so it's great for protection. It can also be worn with your own baby hairs out in front. Frontals also offer more styling options than a closure. 

Closures cover less of your hairline due to its size, but it can also be styled up or down, with or without your own baby hairs peeking out at the front. 

It really is a matter of preference, depending on your taste and ability to style them. 

Can they be worn without glue?

Yes, they can be worn with an elastic which makes them sit snuggly on your hairline without the need for glue to achieve glamorous and natural-looking results.