It can be challenging to understand hair extension terms and to identify which products best suit your needs, whether you’re a newbie or a pro. That's why we have compiled some common terms to help you navigate the world of hair extensions. Read on to learn more. 

  1. Weft extensions

A weft is a piece of fabric that holds collected hair strands in place. It is commonly used as a semi-permanent extension that lasts up to 9 weeks, which can be sewn or beaded into your natural hair.

When wrapped around your own ponytail and secured with hair pins, it can also be used as a ponytail enhancer.

The size and finish of the weft determines how natural the extensions look and feel.

Although there are different types of weft, those that are more commonly used include:

Double machine weft: As the name implies, this is primarily machine-made. When applied, the hair is sewn into the weft twice to ensure minimal shedding of the hair strands attached to it. Although it can be used by all, this weft is especially popular for those with medium-to-thicker hair. It lays flat, blends perfectly with your natural hair, and is used to add either volume or length. 

Silk Lengths’ double machine wefts are sold in packets of 1 and weigh approximately 100 grams. 

Hand-tied weft (also known as the ultra thin weft”): This weft is created and finished entirely by hand, ensuring the most undetectable finish and natural look. Hand-tied wefts are the ideal choice if you have fine-to-medium natural hair, but they can be used by all. 

Silk Lengths hand-tied wefts are sold in sets of 5 and weigh approximately 20 grams each. They are the easiest weft for making hand-crafted wigs. 

2. Tape Extensions

Growing in popularity, the tape-in extension method involves a semi-permanent hair extension that is quick and easy to apply and can last from 4-8 weeks.

They are thin hair wefts that are pre-taped using hypoallergenic polyurethane glue that is bonded in between your natural hair like a sandwich.

Tape extensions are amongst the most comfortable and lightest to wear as they do not feel ‘tight’ or heavy when applied. This is the most frequently requested hair extension method used in salons worldwide for those with fine or naturally straighter hair. It can be applied in under an hour without tools or heat.

Silk Lengths’ tape extensions weighs just 2 grams each and can be reused up to 4 times, making them highly economical.

3.  Clip-in extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest and fastest way to get longer, thicker hair in a matter of minutes. They also allow you to experiment with different hair colours. 

Silk Lengths clip-in hair extensions are sold with the clips pre-attached to the extensions so you can apply them at home without needing to visit a salon. They are available in 5 colours and in lengths of 16, 20, and 24 inches.

Clip-in extensions are highly versatile; you can remove them at the end of each day and put them away neatly for your next wear. 

Our clip-in extensions are sold in either 100/120 grams (containing 7 pieces of clip extensions) or 150 grams (containing 10 pieces of clip-in extensions).

4. Remy hair

The term “remy” refers to hair that faces the direction of natural growth and has all cuticles fully intact. Remy hair is the finest quality of human hair on the market – it moves freely and does not tangle.

5. Virgin hair

As the purest form of hair on the market, virgin hair is not chemically enhanced or manipulated. This human-donated hair offers you the longest-lasting hair extensions that you can treat as your own. With appropriate care, virgin remy hair offers you the highest quality extensions that will easily last for over a year. (link). 

6. Double drawn hair

“Double drawn hair” refers to hair that is hand-selected to ensure all the strands are of the same or a similar length. To maintain fullness from top to bottom, the shorter hair strands are manually removed. This type of hair is highly favoured amongst celebrities, due to its luxurious look, feel, and longevity.  

7. Weave hair extensions

A “weave” is the term used to describe the semi-permanent application of a weft extension, and it is typically sewn, beaded, or braided into your natural hair. Each braid acts as the base upon which the weft extensions will be sewn. Ultimately, one’s natural hair is covered by the extension, creating the illusion that the extension is growing out of the scalp. This application can last up to 9 weeks. 

For the beaded weave application, small sections of hair are pulled through a micro-bead and secured. The weft is then attached to the bead by sewing around it. This application can last up to 9 weeks.