What is Virgin Remy hair?

 As the purest form of hair on the market, virgin hair is not chemically enhanced or manipulated. This human-donated hair offers you the longest-lasting hair extensions that you can treat as your own.

The term remy refers to hair that faces the direction of natural growth and has all cuticles fully intact. Remy hair is the finest quality of human hair, moves freely and does not tangle. With appropriate care, virgin remy hair offers you the highest quality extensions that will easily last for over a year.

What is a Weft extension?

A “weft” is a piece of fabric that holds collected hair strands in place. It is commonly used as a semi-permanent extension and each application can last up to 9 weeks. It can be sewn or beaded into your natural hair and when wrapped around your own ponytail and secured with hair pins, it can also be used as a ponytail volumiser. The size and finish of the weft determines how natural the extensions look and feel.

How long will a weft extension last?

All our hair extensions are made from 100% Virgin Remy human hair and you can expect your extensions to last for 1 year or more with a good hair care routine.

How much hair do I need to buy?

Full head application:
Lengths 22 or 24 inches: 3-4 packets

Half head application:
Lengths 22 or 24 inches: 2-3 packets

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