What is a Swiss Lace Closure?

A 'Closure' is a hair accessory used to create an illusion of your natural hairline. It is amongst the most requested hair accessories of the moment that instantly enhances and transforms your look!
Commonly used by women who wish to enhance or protect their own hairlines during a weave or whilst wearing a wig, the Closure goes across your hairline, from temple to temple. It is also a safe and protective solution if you have faced hair loss.
Swiss Lace is the material which mimics the scalp. Each hair strand is meticulously knotted by hand onto the lace to create the illusion of hair growing out of the scalp.

How is a Swiss Lace Closure applied?

It is typically applied by being sewn onto your hair for a semi permanent application. It can also be sewn into a wig which can be worn without or with safe adhesives on the hairline, which can make the lace blend more seamlessly with your own scalp. It is highly comfortable to wear and easily removed.

What is the difference between a Swiss Lace Closure and a Swiss Lace Frontal?

A Closure, is smaller in size, measuring 5’’x5’'. A Closure may be an easier option if you are new to wearing Swiss Lace.

A Frontal is larger in size 13’’x4’' and gives you a wider ‘scalp’ area to style and part as you wish.

They serve the same purpose and are both excellent as a weave/wig accessory.

How do I care for a Swiss Lace Closure?

The lace Closure is delicate long lasting if you take care of it. It does require gentle care and gentle brushing to prolong its lifespan.
Be gentle when washing and avoid scrubbing/pulling/direct heat on the lace area.

Can I colour a Swiss Lace Closure?

You can colour the hair on the Closure. Take care not to colour the lace.
The lace may be tinted to match your skin tone. This should be done professionally to avoid damaging the lace.

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